for the highest demands in classic motorsport

[ Schaltbock, der ]

 "Overall apparatus that acts as an interface between
Driver and manual transmission functions"


Highest quality standards

Production with high-quality industrial materials, reduced inertia through lightweight construction

Designed for the race track

Close to the steering wheel, reduced gearshift travel, ergonomic handling, precise and safe

Made in Northern Germany

The shifter is manufactured in our factory in small series or according
to individual needs.


Read what our customers say

Andreas Ruppert

For me it's currently the best shifter on the market. Once adjusted, it shifts perfectly and precisely without becoming jerky. Despite its massive appearance, the shift stand is lightweight. The reverse gear lock is absolutely safe. 5 out of 5 stars.

Renke Feuerbach

Anyone who wants to purchase a high-quality product made in Germany is in good hands with Malte and Jörg from Schaltbock.

Your motorsport gearshift lever, lovingly christened "shift stand", impresses with its short, crisp, but still very precise shift travel.

A product that you can tell from the moment it is assembled that it was developed and manufactured with great attention to detail. Anyone who has tested the gearshift stand in the heat of battle on the race track will never want to drive anything else again.

7. Aircooled Race Weekend - 2024

The Aircooled Race Weekend 2024 will take place for the 7th time. This year again on the "Bilster Berg" race track. Experience high-revving air-cooled boxers and be there when the best drivers compete on the demanding track and hold thrilling races. Experience the fascination of classic motorsport up close and enjoy two action-packed days.

Schaltbock is represented again at the Aircooled Race Weekend - also on the track!

Get your tickets now and be part of this spectacular event! We look forward to seeing you at the race track.

Advance ticket sales: Tafel Tuning